Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Productive Tuesday

I only have one more thing to do for the Roman soldiers. I need to find 6 brooches for the capes. Tonight I am going to try on their outfits and see about hemming the tunics.

We finished the 13 hats we had to decorate for vendors this morning. I added the material to the one girls dress I needed to. I cut out the neck of one tunic that needs to be bigger. I need to add trim back to it. I have my outfit to do and the marketplace sewing is done.

Next I get to ketch up on my sewing for others. I forgot I also have to make myself a gown for the vintage ball. I am feeling much better though about getting things accomplished. God has been so good to me. He knew I couldn't do any of this through my own power, only through His. He also blessed me by working out some financial stress I had. Thank you Lord!

Sew Long for Now!